TaylorMade Professional Fitter

With over 27 years experience as a TaylorMade Professional Fitter, certified Master Club Builder & Fitter I have spent thousands of hours in the field and in the shop building and fitting golfers of all skill levels from beginners to PGA Tour Professionals. I have studied extensively the effects of Moment of Inertia (MOI), swing weight, shaft oscillation and rotation, flex, torque and many other equipment variables.

Nearly 2 out of three golfers are currently playing with clubs that DO NOT FIT! Although I am a TaylorMade Staff Professional and believe that the engineers at TaylorMade Golf produce the most technologically advanced equipment in the game today, doesn’t mean that I think you should be playing their equipment. Although I feel that their equipment can only better your game I want you to consider and fully understand that there is two vital points to consider when choosing your equipment.

  • Does it look pleasing to your eye when you look down at the club? I emphasize “your” eye and not you’re playing partners. If the club looks good to you, then that is the first step in deciding what to play. No more is this important then in your putter.
  • Once you determine what club is eye appealing, then please, GO GET A PROFESSIONAL FITTING. Sorry to tell you folks but the swing analysis machine at the big box store is normally set-up to give you the effect that you are hitting something much further than you actually are and by no means are they giving you a professional fitting. So let me tell you what you should expect from a real custom fitting.
Here are the most important fitting parameters in their correct order:
  1. Length: You should be measured using impact tape, a video software capturing device and watched under a certified fitting specialist.
  2. Lie: This is done using a static hitting board with impact tape on the sole of the club. Also a very important factor and almost ALWAYS overlooked, is the flex of the shaft when determining this measurement. A shaft that is not the correct flex will deflect and cause a false reading.
  3. Grip Size: A measurement should be taken in two places of your palm. From the crease of your wrist to your longest finger AND from the crease inside your hand to the longest finger. The difference is then used to determine the correct grip size. Poorly fitted grips will cause hooks and slices. Nearly 85% of all amateurs play with grips that are too LARGE.
  4. Weight: A key factor is swing speed and control of the club. A club that is too light and doesn’t have enough swing weight will cause side spin. A low ball flight usually indicates that the player needs additional offset in their club design.
  5. SHAFT FLEX: If this is the last of importance (which it is) then why do most golfers think and buy based on this factor first?
Let us give you the correct fitting and make a recommendation to your equipment based on your swing measurements and the watchful experienced eye of our professionals.

What would you rather play with? A set of NAME Brand OEM Clubs that cost $799 and don’t fit you properly OR a set of clubs that cost $299 and help you play to the best f your ability? I can prove to you that you will play 100% BETTER AND ENJOY THE GAME with the $299 fitted set.

We carry a complete line of Pro-Line equipment including TAYLORMADE – PING – TITLEIST- COBRA. WE BEAT ALL LOCAL PRICES. CALL FOR INFORMATION.

Give us a call and arrange for a fitting today!

Club Fitting Session
Putter Fitting Session: $27
Iron Fitting Session: $39
50% off regular price of all adjustments included with fitting.

Club Adjustments
Video Swing Analysis:$30.00
Custom Fitting:$29.99
Loft & Lie Adjustment set of 8: $32.99
Loft & Lie Adjustment Individual:$6.99
Lengthen Shaft set of 8:$42.99
Lengthen Shaft Individual:$6.99
Shorten Shaft set of 8:$35.99
Shorten Shaft Individual:$4.99
Save Grip:$5.99 each
Remove Graphite Shaft set of 8:$49.99
Remove Graphite Shaft Individual:$12.99
Remove Shaft Steel set of 8:$25.99
Remove Shaft Steel Individual:$4.99
Refinish Metal Wood:$45.99

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